FBAA is an innovative solution for healthy and
high quality crops 

FieldBook AgriApps is a new standard in precision agriculture.

Electronic Land Register

Use your phone or tablet to fill in the farm activities and jobs and get more information and results that can save you time and money.
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Discard obsolete land registers
With FieldBook AgriApps you have access to real-time data that you can analyze and make the best decisions.
Smart workflows
With just a few clicks, assign your resources in the best way possible. Plan, execute and track all farm jobs.
Traceability documents for agricultural jobs
Follow local and national regulations and register agricultural jobs. Simply fill in your activities directly from your smartphone or tablet while you are doing them.

FBAA Functionalities

We combine the latest technologies to deliver high performance management by streamlining production and optimizing resources for farms of all sizes.
Functionality diagram

 Management of   agricultural jobs 

Plan, execute and track farm jobs and allocate the necessary resources.

 GIS mapping and   geolocation 

If you manage multiple plots or farms, then this functionality helps you plan, perform and evaluate your farm work visually.

Treatment predictions 

Based on the information received from field sensors and weather stations, you can predict the treatments to be applied for every crop or plot.

 Real time alerts 

The application sends alerts based on field inspections and observations as well as external data (text, photo, video) received from drones or other devices.

 Inspections / Observations 

Enter on the spot or planned observations, along with pictures and videos, online and offline.

Specific treatments

Depending on crops, adversities, weather conditions or previous treatments, you can apply the specific required treatments only if and when it is needed.

Labour management

Optimize staff assignment for each job, and track how hours and quantities are assigned, both individually and in teams.

Vehicle management

Track mechanized work by integrating third-party GPS tracking systems.

Decision support

Keep track of costs and productivity and get P&L reports on farms, plots, jobs and activities.

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