Better informed decisions for the farm with the help of information from external sources

Writen by 
Alina Răfoi
May 31, 2019

We collect and synchronize all data in the field in one place

AgriApps FieldBook allows you to create a digital version of your farm and store all your data in one place. Connect IoT sensor data, machine data, satellite data, and other data into one solution.

Interconnection with GIS solutions

Mapping and geolocation by interconnecting with GIS solutions allows you not only to view all farms and plots in one place, but also to plan, carry out and evaluate agricultural work visually.

Downloading data from weather stations

Weather stations are tools that should not be missing from any farm. The weather station processes the weather predictions provided by the leading companies in this field, but corrects them and adapts them to the specifics of the microclimate in which it operates in order to greatly improve the accuracy of the prediction. Thus, information about weather conditions is much more accurate, you can choose the best times for herbicide and fertilizer, you can irrigate more intelligently, using fewer resources and with better results and you can predict diseases and pests with a higher accuracy.

Data retrieval from ground sensors

Soil conditions in a field can vary significantly. Overall field management inevitably reduces yield. Therefore, a good understanding of the type of soil in each area of ​​a field and the yield that can be obtained are essential factors for precision agriculture. Soil mapping gives you detailed information about the conditions of each place and their spatial distribution in the field.

Retrieving data from field machines

Through Integration with third-party GPS tracking systems you can track mechanized work: execution of various agricultural works (sowing the soil, application of chemical fertilizers, etc.) with maximum accuracy, exact location of soil samples, collection and analysis of plantation data. Monitor at all times the route taken by each machine and better manage the resources you have.

Retrieving information from drones

The images taken through the cameras built into the drones can be analyzed, which allows you to obtain accurate information about the evolution of plants. This gives you a huge advantage because you can make the right decisions about the jobs or treatments that need to be done much faster.

These are just some of the types of data we can collect and view in one place. What other information do you use in your daily work to make the best decisions about your crops?

FieldBook AgriApps in a nutshell

FieldBook AgriApps (FBAA) is a solution for the efficient management of agricultural farms of any size. The solution is a new standard in precision agriculture, allowing farmers to obtain real-time information based on field inspections and observations, but also to make predictions about the treatments to be applied to different crops.

It is the only software platform that combines, in a simple and intuitive interface, business functionalities, as well as the possibility to integrate with external IoT sources (weather stations, sensors, GPS), as well as with advanced business solutions such as ERP or Business Intelligence.

FieldBook AgriApps can be configured for global scenarios, for many types of crops and as many farms, being infinitely scalable due to the cloud architecture based on microservices.

With the help of the FBAA all farm activities can be managed, such as:

  • planning, execution and monitoring of agricultural works
  • conducting inspections. observations, predictions about treatments
  • complete management of personnel and equipment and real-time monitoring of profitability on the plot and on the crop
  • management of several plots or farms and evaluation of agricultural works

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