Resource planning: The key to the efficiency of agricultural operations

All farmers have the same goal: to get the best production every year, taking into account the weather conditions, which can influence agricultural production, but which, unfortunately, we can not control.
Writen by 
Alina Răfoi
May 31, 2019

Each farmer performs a whole series of different agrotechnical operations every day, from activities related to soil cultivation, fertilization or other necessary activities. And he often has difficulty understanding what consumes him the most time: performing activities or planning them.

The first stage, i.e. planning operations, can take a long time and is very stressful, because farmers may not see the whole picture, especially in terms of external factors and plan their treatments "by guessing".

But no matter how long it takes, the truth is that planning is a crucial step; without it, agricultural activities will not yield the expected yield or may even be compromised.

But how can we ensure that the whole stage of field work planning is efficient and always under control? Planning is the focus of every farmer's business, which is why it is one of the most important features that FieldBook AgriApps offers.

Let's see, concretely, how the work of farmers can be made easier.

Evidence of treatments

The application allows you to perform and monitor treatments performed in the field. Workers can use it directly from their phone even when it is not within range of the network, because the application also works with offline options (without Internet), then quickly enters all the information in the program after the phone enters the range again. internet network coverage.

This can save valuable time, which farmers often use to enter "handwritten" information and data into Excel sheets or tablets after returning from the field. In addition, another key aspect: during inspections, farmers avoid the stress caused by possible negligence in the documentation and records of treatments.

Knowledge of each plot in detail

For each plot can be monitored data related to soil, positioning, as well as climate trends, which help to optimize and maximize agricultural production. During the year you can observe the works on each plot and you can also identify the differences in plant growth or agricultural production, depending on the technologies applied.

Efficient employee activity

Monitoring working time for employees, day laborers and mechanics helps you measure and increase people's productivity with agricultural work.

Keeps the farmer always informed 

FieldBook AgriApps provides modern management technologies that provide them with detailed, real-time information on farmer-managed crops.

By using the FBAA, the specialized software solution for agriculture, farmers can maximize their profit, have more predictability in terms of crop evolution, but also make sustainable agriculture.

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