New features added to the FieldBook AgriApps solution in 2020

We have introduced a series of new functionalities with which we aim to further transform the landscape of digital agriculture.
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Alina Răfoi
May 31, 2019

FieldBook AgriApps, the solution for precision agriculture, was launched in the middle of last year, with a promising 2019 year. Based on the feedback received from users and in accordance with our own development plan, this year we have introduced a series of new features that aim to further transform the landscape of digital agriculture and continue to facilitate access to greater profitability. and more sustainable agriculture for farmers.

These include better management and monitoring of mechanized work, an improved way of viewing plots by variety and a series of reports that optimize wine production, increase efficiency and help manage activities.

At the interface level, the FieldBook AgriApps solution is now available in 5 languages: Romanian, English, French, Dutch and Bulgarian.

In the area of ​​mechanized work, users now have the option to select different machines for the same machine, as well as the possibility to add two or more machines for one machine, in case they work in shifts. We also added the possibility to take over the configuration of the previous day of a mechanized work if it is repeated (information regarding the machine, annex and mechanizer).

Consumption can also be tracked much more easily, because from now on the possibility of entering the quantities in a dedicated tab has been added, for everything that means seeds, treatments and fuel.

In the monitoring area, users now have the option to track the machines depending on the desired time period, with multiple selection on one or more machines. This way they can monitor the route taken by each piece of equipment.

Several functionalities have been added in the works area. On the map, the plots worked are displayed in color depending on the variety. When closing a job, the fuel consumption can be calculated and completed automatically, if a standard consumption has been previously introduced for the machine. Also here you can declare the fuel supplies with the following information: date, machine, mechanic, quantity supplied, product (diesel) and the possibility to add notes.

In the reporting area we have the most news. Starting with the newest version, all reports will run after the RUN button is pressed. The Fuel Supply report was created, with the possibility to generate the list of supplies for certain periods, machines or mechanics. The Consumption Report has also been extended by introducing both the consumption of treatment substances and the consumption of fuel and other consumables. All these reports can be run and downloaded in electronic format.

For the viticulture area, we have developed two extremely important reports, which follow the evolution of grape maturation on the farm, plot and variety depending on certain parameters, including sugar, total acidity H2SO4 and average weight per 100 berries. This information is critical for planning the harvest at the optimal time, depending on the desired result.

About FieldBook AgriApps

To support farmers, regardless of crop type, BITSoftware has developed FieldBook AgriApps, an innovative solution for precision farming. With it you can manage all the activities of the farm: planning, execution and monitoring of agricultural works, carrying out inspections and observations, forecasts on treatments. The complete management of staff and equipment allows real-time tracking of profitability on the plot and on the crop.

Along with FieldBook AgriApps, BITSoftware has a complete and specialized package of software solutions designed to help farmers manage their agricultural activities more efficiently, with a direct impact on increasing crop yields throughout the production season and financial results. sustainably. More details about BITSoftware for agriculture solutions can be found here: 

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