Increase farm yield with FieldBook AgriApps, the innovative solution for agriculture

Writen by 
Alina Răfoi
May 31, 2019

The use of intelligent software solutions in agriculture helps to increase the yield of the farm by making optimal use of the resources that farmers have at hand and by increasing the quality and health of crops. Innovative software solutions offer a competitive advantage and a sustainable approach.

FieldBook AgriApps has become the daily work tool for farmers, regardless of farm size and degree of mechanization. In an industry so affected by the whims of nature, the context of recent years has imposed special conditions for planning and execution of works, but also a greater focus on spending.

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FieldBook AgriApps manages the entire process, starting with the planning of the agricultural year, then manages the agricultural work, which is done in real time, whether we are talking about mechanized or physical work and the crops are tracked based on a plan of inspections and observations. In fact, the platform is integrated with any equipment, such as weather stations and also allows tracking in terms of crop quality of what is happening.

The application can be accessed from any device, on a subscription basis (SaaS) and runs in the cloud, using the Microsoft Azure platform. Thus, it is paid according to the area of ​​the farm, how much you consume and there are additional costs for specific needs, which can be financed by European funds.

Using the FBAA solution the information arrives in real time and helps to make the best decisions regarding the crops in different farms and plots. The costs are constantly under control, with a forecast of them until the time of harvest. Traceability (plots, treatments, substances, equipment and people) is ensured at all times, being a click away.

With the latest version of FieldBook AgriApps we come with a number of new features and specific reports that allow you to:

  • Real-time tracking of crop developments
  • Making the decision on the optimal time of harvest
  • Efficient allocation of resources - equipment and machinery
  • An improved form of viewing the plots with all the necessary information
  • Closer monitoring of consumption
  • Complete package of reports for the entire activity

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