Digital farming helps farmers save money

Digital farming helps farmers save money
Writen by 
Alina Răfoi
May 31, 2019

Agriculture is a growing field. Nowadays, farmers not only have to produce more with less, but also faster. At the same time, as in any business, it is necessary to make a profit in order to withstand the national and international market so competitive and facing so many challenges.

Digital technologies have the potential to increase the efficiency of farms, while improving economic and environmental sustainability. Romania has an enormous potential to perform in agriculture, if farmers increase their investments in technology and digitalization.

Digitization and access to information are important factors in the development of the agricultural sector and in a very significant reduction of losses. One of the losses recorded by farmers occurs right from the planning of production. Without precise soil data and without knowing the real needs of the crops, it is impossible to calculate the necessary inputs for the season. It has already been shown that a farm management software solution reduces the loss of fertilizers, crop protection products and other solutions used during the agricultural year.

Improper application of treatments can also lead to losses. Crop protection against pests and diseases is responsible for crop losses, and this is another factor that affects farmers' incomes. Digital solutions help farmers make timely decisions based on real-time information and the field. FieldBook AgriApps continuously monitors the weather conditions in the field and farmers are informed if there is a risk of bad weather. They also have a module of inspections and observations, which allows the addition of information, even in photo-video format and is able to identify "recipes" of good practice depending on adversity or phenological stage, which to propose. later to users.

By digitizing agriculture, Romanian agricultural farms can become more competitive. From what we have seen in recent years, there is a growing openness to digitization in the area of ​​agriculture. That is why we make the FieldBook AgriApps solution available to farmers, an innovative solution for precision agriculture in Romania. It is the only software platform that combines, in a simple and intuitive interface, business functionalities, as well as the possibility to integrate with external IoT sources (weather stations, sensors, GPS), as well as with advanced business solutions such as ERP or Business Intelligence.

FieldBook AgriApps manages all the activities of a farm

AgriApps FieldBook can be configured for global scenarios, for many types of crops and for any farm, being infinitely scalable due to the microservice-based cloud architecture.

With the help of the FBAA all the activities of the farm can be managed, such as:

  • planning, execution and monitoring of agricultural works;
  • conducting inspections. observations, predictions about treatments;
  • complete management of personnel and equipment and real-time monitoring of profitability on the plot and on the crop;
  • managing several plots or farms and evaluating agricultural work.

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