Digitization in agriculture, technology from the vineyard and up to the wine bottle on the shelf

We are always talking about digitization, and more and more often we are touching this topic more often when it comes to agriculture.
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Sep 26, 2019

A few weeks ago, a new edition of the "Precision Agriculture" conference was held, the conclusions of which were as follows: agriculture is the zero priority within the European Union, being the most important sector of the economy, and for the next decade - agriculture digital, farmers will have to adapt to the times and adopt technological solutions to help them work smarter and more profitable.

What, however, does this term mean "precision farming"? Precision agriculture (AP) involves using technology to streamline farm work, collecting and analyzing crop data, and fieldwork.

The whole world is changing with technology, and the wine industry does not stay the same. If you activate in this area, you should know that there are some trends that you should follow.

Technology, more and more present in the vineyard

To know what, where and when, the vine grower needs information about all aspects that can influence the growth of vineyards, and these are the result of processing raw data from multiple data sources such as field sensors, weather stations , drones who can overfly and supervise the life or the people on the field.

Forecasting, monitoring and better planning of treatments to be done in the vineyard are a very relevant example. Based on the information and alerts received from both field sensors and weather stations, predictions can be made as to the treatment required for previous treatments, but also for diseases, weather conditions or pests. So we will not only have a healthier vineyard, but also a reduction in spending.

More and more online customers

Worldwide, online wine trade grew by more than 600% compared to 2006, now more than 4.5 billion euros. The online trading platform and its integration with an integrated management system, in addition to better order and sales management, and an improvement in customer or distributor communication.

Effective management for grape and wine producers


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