Digitization of viticulture with FieldBook AgriApps

Writen by 
Alina Răfoi
Jan 30, 2020

The activity of a wine grower brings much satisfaction, but it is also quite complicated, because he must turn into a meteorologist, agronomist, chemist, agricultural machine operator, mechanic, an excellent planner and organizer. All these roles can be quite complicated to juggle, especially in the case of a small wine cellar. In addition to this, obtaining quality grapes and wine is highly influenced by factors that cannot be controlled, namely the weather conditions.

Management software allows growers to improve their performance, better manage their resources and allocate them for performing live activities, monitor bioclimatic information, and based on all this data collected, make better decisions faster.

Keep traceability of vineyard activities

Maintain traceability of all activities undertaken alive. Whether you need the document for the control of the authorities, agricultural subsidies or your internal needs, such as the performance of the worker or the material used.

Work becomes more efficient

Staff management improves efficiency. You can track the performance of employees or day laborers and reward performance. There will be no dead times on the day and no confusion about the tasks to be performed.

Monitor the weather and soil parameters

Connecting with live sensors or weather stations allows you to access real-time microclimate data. Not only can this data be used to take real-time action in the event of frost or to know when to irrigate or sprinkle vines against diseases, but it can, in the long run, help improve grape quality.

Apply treatments only when and where you need them

Applying treatments only when there is a real danger of developing the disease, instead of splashing on a calendar basis, can help you significantly reduce costs.

Track and plan your costs in real time

Track the costs with the machines and labor to know how much you spent on each vineyard job. Seeing your costs in real time helps you plan your budget and calculate the cost of grape production. Knowing the basic costs of grape production helps you determine the price of grapes / wine and maximize profit so that you do not sell below the cost of production.

FieldBook AgriApps, the solution for precision viticulture, is an important part of organizing vineyards work. It is aimed at small, medium and large grape and wine producers who wish to gain a competitive advantage.

Although there are several solutions on the market that cover different aspects of vineyard management, FieldBook AgriApps differs from all others in that it is the most complete and easy-to-use software solution and can provide P&L reports at the crop or hectare level. It is the only platform that combines in a simple and intuitive interface business functions, as well as the possibility to integrate with external sources of IoT type (weather stations, sensors, GPS), as well as with advanced business solutions of ERP or Business type. Intelligence.

FBAA can be configured for global scenarios and for any winery, being infinitely scalable, thanks to the microservices-based cloud architecture. With its help you can manage all the activities in the vineyard: planning, execution and tracking of works, carrying out inspections and observations, forecasts regarding treatments.

BITSoftware offers a complete package of solutions for grape and wine producers, specialized, complete and integrated, covering all processes. We start from monitoring farms and vineyards, planning and carrying out activities taking into account the phenological evolution, weather forecast, previously applied treatments but also the location of the vine, soil and grape variety as well as the style of wine to be followed by the oenologist. All the processes that take place in the winery are controlled: from the reception of the grapes to the obtaining of the conditioned wine, the planning and monitoring of its bottling, ending with the commercial management of the different sales channels.

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