Farm monitoring directly from the mobile device - better control with technology

Technological innovation is the engine behind precision agriculture
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Alina Răfoi
May 31, 2019

Agriculture is going through a revolutionary moment, being driven by data and IT thanks to software solutions. Technological innovation is the engine behind precision agriculture, today farmers are constantly seeking more efficient tools for their work and increasingly using IT to increase production and maximize resources.

Investments in data collection equipment (weather stations, soil sensors), but also in the software needed to interpret those data, provide support in making the best decisions, because smart agriculture means profit.

Experience in classical agriculture can convince you to want to reduce costs and increase production per hectare, and this is only possible by applying better techniques based on information taken from the field or directly from plants.

Agricultural technologies available to farmers

Here we talk about sensors on agricultural machines, soil scanning devices, advanced spraying technologies, drones that can monitor the health or development of plants and that can carry out the necessary treatments.

Farmers have the FieldBook AgriApps solution, an innovative solution for precision agriculture in Romania. It is the only software platform that combines in a simple and intuitive interface, business functionalities, as well as the possibility to integrate with external sources of IoT type (weather stations, sensors, GPS), as well as with advanced business solutions of ERP type. or Business Intelligence.

The FieldBook AgriApps solution can be configured for global scenarios, for many different crop types and farms, being infinitely scalable, thanks to the microservices-based cloud architecture.

With the help of the FBAA you can manage all the activities of the farm: planning, execution and monitoring of agricultural works, carrying out inspections and observations, forecasts regarding treatments. The complete management of the personnel and of the equipment allows to track, in real time, the profitability on the plot and on the culture.

What are the benefits of farm technology?

Cost optimization

Lowering costs per hectare by applying fertilizers and protective substances and treatments exclusively on problem areas.

Know each plot in detail

For each plot you can monitor the data related to soil, positioning, as well as climatic trends, which helps to optimize and maximize agricultural production. During the year you can observe the works on each plot and you can also identify the differences of plant growth or agricultural production, depending on the technologies applied.

Make the employees' activity more efficient

Monitoring the working time for employees, day laborers and mechanics, helps you measure and increase people's productivity with agricultural work.

Permanent information of the farmer

FieldBook AgriApps provides state-of-the-art management technologies that provide them with detailed, real-time information on crops managed by the farmer.

By using FBAA - specialized software solution for agriculture, farmers can maximize their profit, have more predictability in terms of crop evolution, but also make sustainable agriculture.

More details about the FieldBook AgriApps solution can be found on, where you can request a custom presentation or a meeting with one of our specialists.

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