How to make crop predictions

Writen by 
Alina Răfoi
May 31, 2019

For over 3 years, FieldBook AgriApps has been the newest standard in precision farming since its launch. The solution is based on results and real-time information about your crops. Compared to the "paper" agricultural register, the electronic agricultural register (FBAA) has the advantage of coming up with real-time information, based on which each farmer can make business decisions quickly, without affecting the crops he supervises.

The solution works with information received from the field. All you need to do is enter your FBAA farming activities and work on your mobile phone or tablet and get more information and results that can save you time and money. Based on the information recorded in the application, you will receive real-time alerts and you will be able to make predictions for the treatments applied to the crops. For this predictions module, the application uses both the information entered by the user and the information from the weather stations.

FieldBook AgriApps is the only software platform that combines in a simple and intuitive interface, business functionalities and can make interconnections with external sources such as: weather stations, sensors, GPS tracking systems. In addition, ad hoc or planned comments can be entered into the application. With photos and videos from the field, you can get a better overview of the crops and plots you manage.

With an overview you can optimize the allocation of resources for each job and you can track the allocation of hours and quantities, both individually and in teams. The innovative FBAA solution is also an extremely good business decision support, because you can track both costs and productivity for farms, plots, works and activities.

Not only predictions, but also farm management from A to Z

With the FieldBook AgriApps solution, all farm activities can also be managed: planning, executing and tracking farm work, conducting inspections and observations, forecasting treatments. Complete management of personnel and equipment allows real-time tracking of profitability on the plot and on the crop. In addition, real-time information can be obtained on the platform, thus providing predictability in business decision making.

Our solution combines the latest technologies to ensure efficient management by streamlining production and optimizing resources for farms of any size. The activities and agricultural work performed are entered in the FBAA, and the data generated helps you in the optimal allocation of resources, as well as in the planning of agricultural work.

To find out more about the FBAA solution, but also to test the functionality of the platform, you can request a personalized presentation or a meeting with one of the BITSoftware specialists.

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