New version for FieldBook AgriApps users

FieldBook AgriApps, the solution for precision farming, comes with a new version and interesting features for its users.
Writen by 
Alina Răfoi
May 31, 2019

These include improved reports and automation in the timekeeping area, a new data verification process to avoid duplication, new options introduced in the reports in the mechanized works area and an upgrade in the monitoring area.

In the Timekeeping area, in order to facilitate the introduction of the hours worked by the administrative staff, where the variations are almost non-existent, we added an automatic process through which the timekeeping can be added for a longer period. Thus, in order to save time, the timetable for a whole month can be introduced for all administrative staff and it can be intervened along the way if changes occur (eg sick leave or other unplanned events).

Also, in order to comply with ITM regulations, we have added a new field in which the work schedule can be set (eg 8 - 17), this column can also be viewed in the printed timelines.

In order to comply with the principle of data uniqueness, we have added a new verification process after the CNP, so as to avoid the double entry of information into the system. This process is useful, for example, if you have employees or day laborers with the same name.

A number of new input and viewing options have been added for the mechanized works area, leading to an improvement in the reporting area. Now you can also see the mechanized work performed by the machines assigned to one farm for another farm, information that helps if you want to make the statement of expenses from one farm to another. 

We know you want more visibility. That's why another interesting upgrade is the one in the machine monitoring area, where we changed the loading limit from 4 to 15 machines that you can monitor at the same time.

About FieldBook AgriApps

To support farmers, regardless of crop type, BITSoftware has developed FieldBook AgriApps, an innovative solution for precision farming. With it you can manage all the activities of the farm: planning, execution and monitoring of agricultural works, carrying out inspections and observations, forecasts on treatments. The complete management of staff and equipment allows real-time tracking of plot and crop profitability.

Together with FieldBook AgriApps, BITSoftware has developed a complete and specialized package of software solutions designed to help farmers manage their agricultural activities more efficiently, with a direct impact on increasing crop yields throughout the production season and results and making them financially sustainable. More details about BITSoftware for agriculture solutions can be found here: 

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