The agricultural sector in Romania, between innovation and results

The agricultural sector in Romania is experiencing significant growth from year to year, but the potential for development remains extremely high.
Writen by 
Alina Răfoi
May 31, 2019

According to Eurostat, massive investments in this area have increased the number of holdings (3.6 million), with Romania having a third (33.5%) of the total number of holdings in the European Union. Even so, the share of agriculture in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) remains below 5%, a result based on the lack of resource efficiency, but also of the low yield in terms of cereal production.

In 2013, the European Commission (EC) published a report analyzing the trends in agriculture at the level of the European Union (EU) for the period 2013-2023. The results of the report show that climate change will be the ones that will give the biggest headaches for the farmers. In this context, medium and long term forecasts, but also risk management will be the answer for healthy and rich cultures.

The standard in precision agriculture

Massive investments in the agricultural sector have led to technological implications as well. For example, FieldBook AgriApps (FBAA) is the latest software innovation that can be applied with great care to the agricultural field. Launched by the Romanian company BITSoftware, FBAA is an innovative solution for precision agriculture, while also representing a new quality standard for healthy and quality crops. At this moment, FBAA is the only software platform that combines the business functionalities applied to the agricultural area with external sources of IoT type (such as weather stations, sensors and GPS tracking devices), but also with advanced business solutions such as ERP or Business Intelligence.

How can you manage the activities of the farm from A to Z?

With the help of the FBAA solution, all the activities of the farm can be managed: planning, execution and monitoring of agricultural works, carrying out inspections and observations, forecasts regarding treatments. The complete management of the personnel and the equipment allows the real-time tracking of the profitability on the plot and on the culture. In addition, within the platform, real-time information can be obtained, thus providing predictability in making business decisions.

The innovative FBAA solution combines the latest technologies to ensure efficient management by streamlining production and optimizing resources for farms of any size. The executed agricultural activities and works are introduced in the FBAA directly from the mobile phone or tablet, and the generated data will help in the optimal allocation of resources, as well as in the planning of agricultural works.

Risk management - a key element in precision agriculture

The increase of the average annual temperatures, but also the prolongation of the periods of drought have led to the decrease of the crops, but also to significant losses of money for the farmers. With the help of the FBAA solution, forecasts can be made regarding the treatments to be applied for certain cultures, depending on the previous treatments, but also according to the weather conditions. To find out more details about the FBAA solution, as well as to test the functionality of the platform, you can request a personalized presentation or a meeting with one of the BITSoftware specialists.

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